What we Offer

We specialize in working with YOU, to ensure effective rental of your property.

We offer guaranteed long or short-term rental, whilst awarding you – the landlord, the peace of mind that all tenants are vetted to the highest and most rigorous standards within the industry.
Properties rented by us, undergo regular maintenance to ensure the property is maintained to the highest standards while under our care.


We rent the property directly from the landlord which ensures the full rental will always be met directly to the landlord every month and yes this includes any unforeseen shortfalls from the tenant, you still get paid.  
Landlords have a variety of benefits ranging from 0% agency fees, refurbishment to the property and that they are receiving the desired rental guaranteed every month.

Guaranteed Rent

We envision an easy life for us all. As a landlord we understand the pressure and stress of balancing a rented property/properties as well as your own home. We know the realities of signing up a tenant who on the surface presented themselves to be reliable and then lets you down, leaving you with the stress of covering the payment on your property.

This is for us to deal with, not you. Our vision is to make your life easy.


Tailored Package

Bespoke tailored package that works for you.

Long Term Contracts

Guaranteed Long term contracts and property maintainence

International Coverage

UK & Ireland and some parts of the Carribean and US

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The Reviews

‘No more headache tenants, no more paying ridiculous fees. Reliable and friendly service couldn’t recommend them enough.’


‘My experience with Third Space Property Services has been fantastic. Everything is taken care of, I can sit back, relax and enjoy life much better.’