Our Company

Welcome to Third Space Property Services Ltd

We specialize in working with you, to ensure effective rental of your property that accommodates a third space for Landlords and Tenants alike.

We offer guaranteed long or short-term rental, whilst awarding you – the landlord, the peace of mind that all tenants are vetted to the highest and most rigorous standards within the industry.

Properties rented by us, undergo regular maintenance to ensure the property is maintained to the highest standards while under our care.

If you are looking to rent your property and you would like to get in touch with us, you can simply pick up the phone and call us on +44 (020) 837 810 36.

Alternatively if you would rather leave your details, a member of our team will be in touch with you to have a free no obligation chat with you about your property.

We pride ourselves in being a no-hassle property company and will not share your details with any outside organisation or company.

We rent the property directly from the landlord which ensures the full rental will always be met directly to the landlord every month and yes this includes any unforeseen shortfalls from the tenant, you still get paid.

Landlords have a variety of benefits ranging from 0% agency fees,  refurbishment to the property and that they are receiving the desired rental guaranteed every month.

The host of benefits to landlords does not stop there.   All maintenance costs along the way, are covered and the property will be inspected every month to ensure the tenants are treating the property how our landlords would expect.