Landlords and Tenants

Our Ethos

Is to accommodate a third space for both our Landlords and Tenants alike.

As the Landlord, you have that Third Space to allow you to be free from hassle, allow you more time and most importantly give you an extra income to do with as you please.

As the Tenant, your “Third Space” should allow you to live affordably, comfortably and be able to save enough money to be in a space of your own.

100% Transparency with Landlords and Agents

Further misplaced criticisms are that Rent 2 Rent will contravene the lenders restrictions and invalidate insurances, the property will get mis-treated by untrustworthy tenants or that we’re not fully informing the landlord of what we’re doing. This of course is utter nonsense and is usually voiced by people with little understanding of Rent 2 Rent or its history and longevity. The fact is that Rent 2 Rent has been around for well over twenty years, is regularly used by the Government and local councils to house excess tenants and is steadily becoming more and more mainstream as people understand how it benefits everyone.

We have a specialist contract; a Guaranteed Rent Agreement, and this contains very specific warranties that confirms we have the owners explicate permission to multi-let the property to working young professionals, and also that the correct insurances are in place.

Key Landlord Benefits

  • 0% Agency Fees.Rent Paid Fast.
  • Optional Refurbishment to your property.
  • Long & Short-Term Agreements.
  • Property maintained to the highest standards.
  • All maintenance costs covered.
  • Monthly inspections.

Key Tenant Benefits

  • Agency communication with efficient personal service.
  • Long & Short-Term Agreements with no hidden fees.
  • Property maintained to the highest standards.
  • All maintenance costs covered within the agreed costs
  • Monthly inspections.