Why Us?

So why choose Third Space?

So how does it work?

In a nutshell, we effectively become your tenant, guaranteeing you a fixed rental income regardless if the property is empty or not. We then sub-let the property to our carefully vetted clients.

We guarantee your rent 52 weeks of the year

  • We will NEVER charge you a penny to manage your property
  • We employ a professional cleaner and an experienced gardener who will meticulously look after your property
  • We will take care of any minor maintenance issues
  • We offer long term contracts – so NO VOIDS – EVER again
  • We organise tradesmen on your behalf saving you time
  • We can make a decision within 24 hours

As well as the savings listed, we make no charge for organising annual Gas Safe certificates, Electrical Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates, or for dealing with Deposits or Licensing.  This is without any additional losses caused by Rent Arrears/ Court Action.

Take a look at this comparison chart and you will see a very average saving of £178 per month. Multiply this by say, 20 years and you have a whopping loss of £42,720!  Would You Like To Be

18% Better off a Year!


Month Rent - £1,250

Annual Rent - £15,000



Month Rent - £1,000

Annual Rent - £12,000


Void period 1.5 months £1,875
Annual Tenant find fee £1,250
Annual Management fee £1,500
Inventory, Gas review, EPC, deposit, license £500
Void period 1.5 months £0
Annual Tenant find fee £0
Annual Management fee £0
Inventory, Gas review, EPC, deposit, license £0

Net monthly rent – £822

Total annual rent – £10,775

Net monthly rent – £1,000

Total annual rent – £12,000

Third Space Property Services offer 100% transparency. Everything we do is completely legal with contracts drawn up through trusted Property Specialist Solicitors.  We offer contract periods from a minimum of 12 months. Contracts can be renewed on a rolling basis or a fixed term depending on your circumstances.